New Features

User Identification

  • You can now use the WayScript SDK to identify which workspace member is accessing your protected Lair endpoints.
  • The WayScript SDK identifies the workspace member requesting a protected endpoint using the application key that was assigned to that member. You can use the application key to fetch the member’s User details, and then configure your service or task to display personalizations, restrict access, or other post-authentication actions.
  • Here’s an example of how to identify the requesting user with a simple Flask service:
    • First, get application_key from request header
    • Then, pass application_key to context.get_user_by_application_key
from flask import Flask, request
from wayscript import context

app = Flask(__name__)

def get_user_details():
  # Parse application key from bearer token in request header
  application_key = request.headers.get('Authorization')[7:]
  # Query user object from application key
  user = context.get_user_by_application_key(application_key)
  return user

if __name__ == '__main__':
  • Learn more about user identification using the WayScript SDK in our docs!


  • Enabled the creation of user groups from your workspace settings. The user group will be passed into the User object returned when using context.get_user_by_application_key from the WayScript SDK
  • Improved execution speed when accessing, cloning, or deploying Lairs with a large volume of files

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where new members, were, by default, set to admin level workspace permissions
  • Fixed an issue by removing the inoperable “Run” button from triggers in your Lair’s production environment and replaced it with an “Active” state indicator
  • Fixed an issue where some users were missing Application Keys
  • Fixed an issue where workspace owners were not being displayed as workspace members
  • Fixed an issue in duplicate file naming to the new filename precedes the file extension
  • Fixed an issue where workspace members weren’t loading in Alerts tab
  • Fixed an issue where Editor was showing unsaved changes when first opening
  • Fixed an issue where reopening a file with new lines caused an escape character is inserted and the file must be re-saved