New Features

Protected Endpoints

  • You can now use WayScript to setup protected endpoints for your microservices and tools!
  • WayScript auto-generates custom endpoints to provide external access to your tools, which are now, by default, protected to be only accessible by workspace members. These endpoints now live behind WayScript’s secure  protocols and require authentication from authorized users before invoking your processes or returning a response. However, you have the option to make these endpoints publicly accessible through the Endpoint tab in your Lair’s toolbar.
  • Learn more about WayScript protected endpoints in our docs!

Application Keys

  • You can also authenticate requests to protected endpoints using your WayScript Application Key.
  • WayScript assigns each workspace member a unique application key that can also be used to authenticate requests that are made to protected endpoints without using your standard account credentials. Your application key can be accessed by navigating to Settings > Workspace > Application Keys, where you can then view, copy, and/or regenerate your key.
  • Test out this authentication option by making a curl request to one of your Lair’s endpoints, as shown below:
    $ curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer <Application Key>' '<Lair endpoint URL>'
  • See more examples and specifications on Application Keys in our docs!


  • Added “View Prod” button in Deploy tab of Lair’s toolbar to quickly open your Lair’s production environment
  • Added an option to the ▶ play button within the Lair editor to manually invoke triggers alongside running current file in the Lair Terminal
  • Added more feedback in the Lair File System to show in-progress state when uploading a large volume or size of files/directories
  • Added a confirmation flow when uploading a file to the Lair File System with an identical path as an existing file
  • Improved readability of long text fields within Triggers, Alerts, and Endpoints views to support smaller viewports

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where saving a files within the Lair editor when the file contents were being loaded would replace the contents “Loading ...”
  • Fixed an issue where files were not closing and re-opening correctly when switching between Lairs
  • Fixed an issue where “Log in to Clone” action was not redirecting to log-in page on Published Lair link
  • Fixed an issue where special files (.triggers, .env. .secrets) were not sorted to the top of the Lair File System
  • Fixed an issue where special files (.triggers, .env. .secrets) couldn’t be properly viewed in Lair production environments
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where the Lair File System was stuck in search state
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where the Lairs could have duplicate names