New Features


  • Your Lairs can now be configured to generate email alerts for certain process conditions, such as process failure.
  • You can set a Lair alert for any of the following process conditions: Success, Fail, or Any. You can customize which members are alerted, the volume of alerts, and whether triggers within your Lair should generate the alerts.
  • See more context on the conditions and parameters for Alerts in our docs!


  • You can now publish your Lairs to share them publicly with external audiences!
  • After publishing your Lair from the Publish tab on the toolbar, WayScript will generate a shareable link that can be shared with your audience. Other WayScript developers can navigate to the Lair’s published link to view its README and clone the Lair to your workspace.
  • Check out our docs for more on Publishing!


  • Improved the speed of Lair deletion
  • Improved the workspace management logic to set the Workspace Owner as the Lair Owner when the original owner leaves the workspace

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where re-deploying a Lair would not update timestamp of deployment in the “Deploy” tab
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where Lair production environment endpoints weren’t showing in a new session after you deployed
  • Fixed an issue in .env and .secret keys where certain special characters were not supported
  • Fixed an issue where you were able to create two HTTP Triggers with the same endpoint
  • Fixed an intermittent issue that resulted in an empty Lair file system after cloning from a published Lair