You can already write code. But getting the engineering support and infrastructure set up that gets your tools built, deployed, and shared remains a challenge. Enter WayScript.

WayScript is an internal developer platform that makes productionizing your internal tools a breeze. Work in the programming /querying language and framework of your choice including Python, JavaScript, Go, SQL, Rust, and PHP.

Write your code in WayScript's editor, upload your scripts from your local device, or integrate directly with your GitHub repo. With built-in security features, logging, alerting, SSO and more, you can reliably host your scripts and applications all in one place.

You write the code, WayScript handles the infrastructure.

Schedule Tasks

Brittle cron jobs that you have to manually kickoff? Not with WayScript. Schedule your scripts to automatically run on a custom schedule using WayScript's built in cron triggers. Setting up cron tasks has never been easier.

Spin Up Web Servers and Frameworks

No need to build infrastructure for any web server or framework of your choice. Simply configure and go. WayScript handles the set up so your apps will be up and running in minutes. Click below to grab our cloneable templates for Flask, FastAPI, Django, Node, and Go servers.

Build Webhooks and Microservices

Stand up any microservice, single-click endpoint, or event-based script using WayScript's HTTP triggers. Serverless execution is at your fingertips.

Get Started

Getting started with WayScript is fast, free, and does not require a credit card. Start by cloning one of our many templates or by uploading a script of your own.

Use WayScript in the browser or on the desktop. Get started for free here.

If you'd like to self-host and run WayScript on your own VPC, get started by contacting us here.

Happy Scripting!