A good developer experience is essential to the long term success of your team.

When the business increases pressure to ship higher quality code faster, engineers are squeezed and overworked. As a result, internal tools become a complicated web of scripts, the team struggles to uniformly adopt engineering and infra standards, and your dev experience becomes less than ideal.

If poor developer experience at a company is not addressed, teams get burnt out, code quality goes down, and productivity tanks.

The solution? Internal developer platforms.

Internal developer platforms help software engineers, SREs, and engineering leaders take control of their team’s tools and dev experience. At WayScript's first ever technical lunch and deep dive into internal developer platforms, WayScript CEO and cofounder, Jesse Orshan discussed how you can use one to improve developer experience at your company.

He covered:

  • A technical overview of internal developer platforms
  • How internal developer platforms supercharged developer experience at Amazon, Netflix, Dropbox, and more
  • How you can use one to do the same for your team
  • Audience questions

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