Have you ever wanted to build an NLP (Natural Language Processing) tool but don't have the know-how? Or maybe you're an ML aficionado but don't have the time or energy to set up all the infrastructure for it? Look no further than this template. Using HuggingFace and WayScript, you'll create your first, highly performant NLP tool faster than you can believe.


In this template, we build a Flask application that allows the user to submit statements through a web form to a sentiment analysis API hosted on HuggingFace and receive their sentiment classification and score.


A WayScript account

Follow the Quickstart Guide to get started on WayScript or Click the "Log in to Clone" button from the template

How This Template Works

This template sets up a Flask application that analyzes sentiment inside a WayScript Lair. Click on the Clone button in the upper right corner to copy this Lair into your own workspace. Customize to your liking.

Follow the tutorial above for the full tool and template explanation.

WayScript Lair Tools

A WayScript Lair allows you to have two separate environment of your Flask application, a development environment and a production environment. Once you are finished developing your application, you can deploy to a separate, production state environment by using the deploy button on the left. You can continue to to develop inside the development lair, then redeploy to your production state to reflect those changes in your production state application.