We are excited to announce the next generation of WayScript is here! WayScript now unlocks the ability for devs to rapidly build production-grade microservices and other internal tools with unprecedented speed and security.

See it in action! Watch Derrick from Team WayScript walk through the major features of the next generation of WayScript.

What’s changed in the new generation?

At WayScript, we’re constantly thinking about how to better address the challenges faced by professional software developers building tools to increase the operational efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations. As a result, we built a more powerful version of WayScript that no longer centers on a visual logic builder. The new generation of WayScript is built around Lairs: preconfigured, cloud-ready Docker containers that run your code and live on top of your infrastructure. Anything you can run on a Docker container, you can run on WayScript. The platform is programming language and framework agnostic.

WayScript handles the scaffolding, including deployments, user access management, log retention, container orchestration, and much more, so you can rapidly launch secure microservices and tools while just focusing on the code. For growing teams, WayScript is SOC2 Type 2 compliant and our team can spin up WayScript's engine on your infrastructure to provide a secure, air gapped system, giving you complete control and flexibility over your data and process execution.

What about the previous version of WayScript?

You can still continue developing internal tools on the previous version of WayScript (now named WayScript Viz) here.

While we plan to focus development on the new version of WayScript, we are committed to supporting our vibrant community of teams and developers on WayScript Viz with bug fixes and stability & security improvements for the foreseeable future. We do, however, recommend trying out the new version of WayScript as it is a more powerful platform for many common WayScript use cases.

Getting started

Create an account here and follow our Quickstart guide to start building secure, production-grade microservices and tools today.

If you’d like a little more help getting started, we’re happy to jump on a call and give you a quick demo ourselves. You can book a convenient time here.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think and answer your questions. Send us an email at nihar@wayscript.com or join our Discord community and drop us a line.